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La Lomita

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About Us

About Us

Welcome to La Lomita Photography Ranch, a 240-acre property with a large stand of Mesquite trees, shrubs, cactus, wildflowers and grass, making it one of the last natural habitats in the City of Uvalde. The ranch is also surrounded by farm land, making it an ideal refuge for regional and migrating birds and wildlife.  Here, you'll find over 125 species of birds, including our resident Green Jays, Thrashers, Roadrunners, Cardinals, Bobwhite & Scaled Quail and dozens more. In addition to our birds, wildlife includes Deer, Bobcats, Armadillo, Rabbits, Squirrels and Coyotes occasionally seen on the ranch.


La Lomita is a vision of the ranch owner who is also a photographer, who wanted to see the property developed into a premier birding and wildlife destination for photographers—from beginners to professionals—to enjoy the beauty of Texas in its natural state. In 2016 he asked Pliny Mier, also an avid birding and wildlife photographer, to take his dream to the development the ranch.


The ranch is convenient for avid birders and photographers to enjoy whether coming from San Antonio, or any of Texas’ major cities, with minimal driving time to get to some of the best birding and wildlife photography in South Texas.


Uvalde is located at the crossroads of the nation’s two longest highways, U.S. 90 and U.S. 83. Uvalde is known as the Honey Capital of the World and is famous for its beautiful trees. Uvalde is located just 90 miles west of the Number One destination city in Texas, San Antonio.  So, whether you’re coming from within Texas, from out of state or country, commuting is not a challenge.



Our goal, like that of many quality Wildlife Photography Ranches, is to create maximum predictability in helping you to create outstanding images.  We bring the wildlife to you, up close and in the right place, instead of walking the woods and trails hoping for a clear shot.  We also provide professional level consulting on Image Post Processing and how to create Added Value to your images for the beginner, amateur and professional photographer in our Workshops.


Birding and wildlife photography is a way of escaping the stress of city life by bringing the beauty of nature closer to your soul, and seeing the world through your lens.  At La Lomita we give our customers not only a wonderful photography experience, but create memories that you will take home with you and cherish for years.

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Our four photo blinds are strategically placed throughout the ranch to take full advantage of the morning and evening light that draw birds and wildlife. Each blind has a water pond, drips, great perches and custom perches for wonderful habitat shots and very nice backgrounds.  Each of our  blinds are 8’ deep and 16’ wide, and fit one to five photographers comfortably in an open air environment.  Your shots will range from 8 – 40 feet, so lens from 150 – 600mm, primes of 400mm, 500mm up to 600mm,  would be your preferred lens.  You might want to pack a Macro as well to get flowers and butterflies as well.



 A full day of shooting is $189 per person for groups of two or more photographers or birders, and $250 for a single photographer when available.


Prices are daily rates and include access to our well placed, covered blinds on the ranch. Photographers must be accompanied by a ranch guide, which is included in the price.  (Our guides always welcome tipping.) A deposit of 50% is due upon booking via the Book Now link, or by contacting us at Balance due prior to photography shoot or upon arrival at ranch.

"All the long hours and many days that were spent preparing paid off. You all have done an amazing job and I know how privileged I am to have had the opportunity to shoot at La Lomita and see old friends and meet new ones."

-Nakia Hambright

"Amazing place for viewing and taking photos of birds and wildlife. Convenient location right on Hwy 90 in Uvalde, Tx. Offers Easy access to comfortable blinds for both morning & afternoon viewing."

-Howard Kells

"One month ago I joined a great group of Photographers at La Lomita Wildlife Photography Ranch and despite the weather it was an enjoyable experiences. Through the rain we still had plenty of birds popping in and out of the blind to keep our cameras clicking. I don’t fashion myself a “Birder” and I don’t keep a “Life List” nor do I strive for the “Big Year”, but while at La Lomita I found myself counting the number of birds that I photographed that I had never seen before. The blinds were setup in a way that the birds and other wildlife were completely oblivious to the fact that there were four photographers opening up at 10 frames per second capturing the brief colorful moments of nature as they flew in and out. The blinds were carefully laid out to take advantage of lighting and with or without my Better Beamer I was able to get amazing photos. The landscaping of the blinds was also carefully thought out to take advantage of natural perches while still providing wonderful backgrounds that helped to accentuate the subject even more. In short I can’t wait to return to shoot again and see what the new seasons offers. Thank you again Sandy, Pliny and Darrell for your hospitality and for the invite to shoot at the ranch with this great group of Photographers."

-Rodger Olson

"This oasis was definitely a class act photography ranch. Fabulous bird photography setups. You can tell they paid attention to detail in designing the blinds and birding areas. The ranch was just 10 minutes from our hotel in downtown Uvalde. Our guide Darrell Cochran was so nice and helpful and was very informative. We really enjoyed it and will definitely visit again!!"

-Cheryl Vance-Kiser


What Our Customers Are Saying


A collection of photos taken at La Lomita

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Blind 2
House Finch LL-DeNoiseAI
Orchard Oriole male LL
Hooded Oriole LL copy
Bullock's Oriole LL 3
Orchard Oriole LL-3
Summer Tanager female 4 LL
Summer TanagerPainted Bunting LL
Painted female guyacan LL 2
White-eyed Vireo LL
Lesser Goldfinches LL
Black-chinned Hummer LL
LL Group shot
Local Accomodations

Local Accomodations

Uvalde has six hotels, Quail Springs RV Park, and a number AirBNB's as well as some on which are all conveniently located within 5 to 15 minutes of the ranch.  Uvalde has a wide range of restaurants, an HEB, Walmart, Walgreens, Urgent Care, and a great variety of shops. We have arranged for special pricing at the Hampton Inn. (Please let them know you are with La Lomita Photo Ranch at time of Reservation, otherwise, you will NOT receive your discount.)  Contact Pliny Mier for more information at 210-244-3858 or via email at


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